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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: Can we stop continually moving Devtools JIRAs to the next release?
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2008 19:22:43 GMT
Right, and the point was that we're automatically carrying JIRAs from 
release to release (75 in GEP 2.2.0) when we know less than half will 
probably get fixed, if ever.  When opened, we should leave them set to 
Fix Version = Unknown (Unscheduled) and only set the Fix field when 
someone is going to work on them.

We've started cleaning up the usage of the Fix field in the Server (only 
17 assigned to 2.1.4 and 86 to 2.2) so we should try and do the same in 
all our projects.


Jason Dillon wrote:
> Well, really the "Fix for version" in JIRA isn't practically used to 
> state that each and every issue has been fixed for that version... only 
> if the issue is resolved and fix version set.  The version release muck 
> rolls over all unresolved issues to the next version so that folks can 
> keep track of stuff that is still pending... its not a commitment to 
> fixing them in that version.  But that is just how JIRA works OOTB.
> --jason
> On Sep 26, 2008, at 1:55 AM, Joe Bohn wrote:
>> I think the problem is in setting the fix version too soon on many of 
>> these JIRAs.  For the 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 server releases I tried to avoid 
>> setting the fix version unless it was really a target for the release 
>> or we were ready to check-in a fix.  Perhaps we can do the same for 
>> devtools.
>> Joe
>> Ted Kirby wrote:
>>> Yes, I think that is what I did.  As part of the GEP release process,
>>> I Administered the GERONIMODEVTOOLS JIRA project to update the
>>> released and unreleased versions.  I "managed" the 2.1.3 release, and
>>> clicked the Release link to release it.  This, I think, resulted in
>>> all that email.
>>> Ted
>>> On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 1:48 PM, Jason Dillon 
>>> <> wrote:
>>>> Hrm... odd, cause the default when marking a version as released in 
>>>> JIRA
>>>> asks to move unresolved issues to the next version...
>>>> --jason
>>>> On Sep 26, 2008, at 12:39 AM, Donald Woods wrote:
>>>>> Can we stop the blanket moving of Devtools JIRAs from one release 
>>>>> to the
>>>>> next?  We should really only move unfixed JIRAs to 2.2.0 if we have
>>>>> intentions of fixing them for the 2.2.0 release.  Continually 
>>>>> moving any
>>>>> open JIRAs once GEP is released is generating way too many emails 
>>>>> and is not
>>>>> the proper usage of the Fix Versions field in JIRA, which should be 
>>>>> used to
>>>>> denote to the community that we're going to "try our best" to 
>>>>> resolve the
>>>>> issue in the denoted release.....
>>>>> -Donald

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