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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: Continuous TCK Testing
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2008 16:26:39 GMT
Can we really setup "continuous" TCK testing?  How long does it take 2 
VMs to complete a TCK run?

Shouldn't running the TCK prereq a Continuous Build first, by moving the 
automated builds that Jarek runs over to these machines and only run a 
build when there are svn changes in that branch (instead of a time based 
approach)?  That would only generate builds on active branches (like 2.1 
and trunk) while increasing the overall usage of these 2 machines to 
show that we're really using them.

Also, which releases of Geronimo would we setup for automated TCK runs?


Kevan Miller wrote:
> As many of you know, we have two machines for TCK testing of 
> Geronimo (phoebe and selene). We used the machines for certification of 
> our 2.1.3 release. However, this testing was run manually. It's time to 
> get continuous, automatic TCK testing running on these machines.
> We had the basic setup running on GBuild machines. IIRC, this was built 
> around AntHill -- Jason Dillon knows it best. There are other testing 
> systems available (e.g. Hudson) which could be used for this task.
> What do others think? What underlying technology should we use? Who 
> wants to get involved?
> I think this discussion should be on our dev@ mailing list. TCK should 
> be for test specific discussions.
> --kevan

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