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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Reduce 2.2 server footprint by making some current plugins optional
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 13:55:27 GMT
Worth investigating towards the "reduce startup time" goal.
We really shouldn't be starting every module (like OpenEJB and ActiveMQ) 
until an application that depends upon them is deployed (which may 
require some console updates for deployed portlets that depended on 
those modules....)

Maybe someone has time to experiment setting load="false" in an assembly 
and then verifying that we load/start them once an app is deployed.  The 
page to enable/disable could be useful, but stopping/disabling running 
modules (like OpenEJB) would also stop any deployed apps that need it 
and would require some user notification/acceptance before we stopped 
the  module and any other apps....

Also, I think there is a JIRA opened about stopping a module in the 
console does not survive a server restart, as stopping does not set 
load="false".  So we would also need a console update to allow 
disable/enable along with the stop/start actions, with the disable 
action stopping the modules (with the user prompts) and then setting 


Ivan wrote:
> Shall we provide a page, it has some shortcut buttons, such as "Turn 
> On/Off EJB Support" "Turn On/Off JMS Support" , that while users do not 
> need some functions, they could conveniently turn off those functions 
> they do not need, in the meanwhile, it will reduce the server startup time.
> 2008/9/12 Donald Woods < <>>
>     Someone mentioned on another thread(s) awhile back that they would
>     like to see us reduce the server footprint and startup time for 2.2.
>     One way to do this (mainly for footprint) would be to start moving
>     some of the plugins that are not required for a JEE5 runtime out of
>     the server assemblies we create and made available as optional user
>     installable plugins (from the normal maven repos.)
>     I'm proposing that we remove the following from the default server
>     assemblies as a start:
>      - Debug Views
>      - Monitoring
>      - Plan Creator
>     We can either update the Welcome Portlet to mention these are
>     available from the Plugin repo or create a "placeholder" portlet for
>     each that describes what the optional plugin provides along with a
>     link to install the full version.  Also, the testsuite would be
>     updated to install the required plugin before any tests are executed
>     against it.
>     Thoughts?
>     -Donald
> -- 
> Ivan

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