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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: Plugin groups
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 03:22:29 GMT

>> If we distribute them with specific plugins (which are just one of many that
>> are included in the group) then I'm not clear how you would choose which
>> plugin to associate it with.  For example, if you wanted a group that
>> included tomcat, cxf, ejb, and clustering which plugin would get "ownership"
>> of the group?
> A user can create servers out of plugin groups.   This has been
> demonstrated to work in little G assemblies (using maven) or the
> customer server assembly portlet or deploy/assemble gshell command.
> A user can choose whatever plugin groups they want to construct their
> servers.   Feel free to check these out in the latest G 2.2 trunk.

Yes, I know that the plugingroups you have created work and can be used 
to build server assemblies.  That wasn't really the question.

The paragraph from me was in response to David's suggestion that the 
plugingroups should be distributed with the plugin which they are most 
closely affiliated.  It's my opinion there isn't a consistent system 
that makes one plugin the obvious choice to contain the aggregate (as 
demonstrated in the example I presented).


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