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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Samples for 2.1.2 - one final push
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2008 14:23:52 GMT
I think most of the work has been done to get samples to a state where 
they can be released.  I plan to make one final push to get a release 
candidate ... hopefully within a week or less.  The largest things 
remaining are:

1) Archetype - We need to decide what to do about this.  I'm a bit torn. 
  I think I might leave it in there but choose to not document it for 
now (unless some of the version references I had to include to make it 
work start to cause a problem when attempting to release using m-r-p). 
If nobody has any strong disagreement then I think we're done with 
discussing the archetype.

2) Doc - As much as I hate to do doc, I'm going to work my way through 
to ensure that there is some consistency in the samples doc and the old 
references to obsolete geronimo deployment plans are removed.  This is a 
slow process (esp. if I'm the only one doing it) ... so I might push for 
a release vote before I have everything updated.  Doc can continue to be 
worked after we release as we've been doing for server releases.

3) Revert to Genesis 1.4 if Genesis 1.5 is not released prior to the 
samples release.

I'd like to have all of this wrapped up in a week or less and finally 
get a version of Samples out there (even if there are warts).


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