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From Ivan <>
Subject Re: Fixing usability/accessibility issues in Admin Console
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2008 01:50:06 GMT
    I will re-search the newest codes, and if no similiar issues exists, I
think we could close it.
    Thanks !

2008/9/25 Donald Woods <>

> All of the patches from Ivan in G4081 have been applied to trunk.
> Are there anymore patches needed or can we close G4081 and open another
> JIRA in the future if new problems are found before we release 2.2?
> -Donald
> Jack wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> A newbie here - Cai Jun Jie. You can also call me Jack!
>> My teammates and I have been looking at accessibility of Geronimo's Admin
>> Console. Most people would think that accessibility only matters for the
>> disabled. Yet some people argue - which I also mostly agree - that if we
>> make software easily accessible, then it benefits all the users!
>> There are already some JIRAs openned against Admin Console's accessiblity,
>> e.g., GERONIMO-4081 <>,
>> GERONIMO-4080 <>.
>> After a quick analysis, the top 3 problems we see include -
>> 1. No error messages shown when invalid form data are submitted. This is a
>> usability issue for all users.
>> 2. No label element defined for form elements. This prevents some screen
>> reader software from reading HTML forms in a meaningful way. Screen reader
>> software is a key assisting tools for low-vision people.
>> 3. No ALT attributes defined for images. Similar to Problem 2.
>> We will be submitting patches to fix Problem 2 & 3. Since there are so
>> many occurrences, we will divide the patches based on page groups. We will
>> leave the problems that exist in DOJO though, hoping that more recent DOJO
>> releases will have most of their problems resolved.
>> As to Problem 1, I believe we should define a unified way to present error
>> messages. For example, for invalid form data, stay on the same page and
>> present the error message near each form element that has the invalid input;
>> and for other error (like system error), stay on the same page and present
>> the error message at the top of the main content. Or, simply present all
>> kinds of error message at the top of the main content...
>> Would be very interested in knowing the community's opinions...
>> Regards,
>> Jack Cai


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