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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: What's up with JEE6? Are we doing it in 2.2?
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2008 16:51:15 GMT

On Sep 23, 2008, at 11:50 AM, Tim McConnell wrote:

> Hi Ted, yes I have been assuming the same as well. At a minimal I  
> would like to volunteer to understand and analyze the implications  
> of JEE6 to the GEP....
> Ted Kirby wrote:
>> Who's doing what?
>> I sort of assumed that 2.2 would have JEE 6 in it, but I can't find
>> any information about it.

No, not in 2.2.

G 2.2 will have Java SE 6 support, but will be Java EE 5 certified. At  
least that's been my assumption (and others, I think). Prolly  
worthwhile updating the 2.2. release roadmap to avoid possible  
confusion... There are some barriers to supporting Java EE 6 -- a Java  
EE 6 Initial Specification hasn't been released yet, let alone a final  
spec or TCK... ;-) Also, many of the technology specs (EJB 3.1,  
Servlet 3.0, JPA 2.0, JSF 2.0) are still being defined -- there are  
some early drafts of some of these specs.

Note that G 2.2 will have some features that are expected to be in EE  
6. With our component-based capabilities, we've had the concept of a  
"Web Profile" since our 1.1.1 release. We have way more capabilities,  
in this regard, then the spec will call for... Plus, we'll have JAX-WS  
2.1/JAX-B 2.1 support. We'll also have JASPI support (w/ Jetty 7 --  
which will also contain Servlet 3.0 features). OpenEJB 3.1 will also  
contain some aspects of the EJB 3.1 spec.  I may be missing others...

IMO, it's too early for an EE 6 "roadmap". However, definitely  
something that's on our horizon...


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