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From "wei zhang" <>
Subject Re: Documentation of new 2.2 features in current wiki?
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2008 03:50:54 GMT
My previous email was intended to be sent out earlier...not sure what was
wrong with my gmail...

The question now is not about 2.1-->2.2-->Reorganize or
2.1-->Reorganize-->2.2. I'm fine with both approaches, as long as I can
contribute to the community with somethings that helps.

Yes, Bill, I am volunteering to maintain the documentation. My original idea
was to work out the structure and see how the community would like it, and
then populate the 2.2 doc with the content under the new structure, but the
discussion went on to the maintenance issue. Documentation is a big part of
the development effort. Having developers themselves develop and maintain
both the functions and the documentation is really a headache, which is why
many folks tend to keep the status quo. With the documentation coordination
work somewhat "separated" from technical development effort, developers will
be able to focus on the fancy features, contribute information about what
tasks the users can complete with the features, and leave the rest to the
documentation coordinator.

I agree with David that ease of maintenance is important. If we start from a
solid base, the future maintenance work won't be too much of a problem. And
this "documentation project" might attract more interested people as time
goes by...

Per previous discussions, we might have difficulty importing the whole 2.1
space to 2.2. If anyone knows how to copy the entire 2.1 space to 2.2, I
will be able to work with my colleagues to reorganize the content then. If
copying the space is sheer manual effort, I might want to start from the new
structure and flesh it with the existing information.



On 8/12/08, Jarek Gawor <> wrote:
> Didn't we agree to seed the 2.2 space from 2.1 space first and then
> reorganize it?
> Jarek
> On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 10:29 PM, wei zhang <>
> wrote:
> > So I'll start together with my colleagues to seed the 2.2 space
> > with
> the
> > new information center based structure.
> >
> > I hope to get more comments from the community that will help improve the
> > documentation.
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> >

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