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From "Lin Sun" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] enhance the assemble server portlet usability
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2008 03:20:45 GMT
I think footprint could be a concern for users in developing
countries.   A user may only want to download what he needs.

I also agree such capability doesn't overlap what I am proposing, as a
user could still want to build custom assembly server out of his
current server.


> Sounds similar (same?) to something I've been thinking of... I was thinking
> we could include multiple config.xml files. These files could be specified
> when starting a server. E.g.:
> ./gsh geronimo/start-server -c jee-config.xml
> ./gsh geronimo/start-server -c minimal-config.xml
> ./gsh geronimo/start-server -c joes-custom-config.xml
> If server footprint is a concern, you can still create custom assemblies
> based on these "profiles".
> I'm not sure we'd want to include *all* cars and include a wide variety of
> possible config files. We certainly could, but I might stick with current
> tomcat/axis2 and jetty/cxf specific variants and maintain a "server" focus,
> rather than a "server construction" focus. I also don't think that such a
> capability would necessarily replace the function that Lin is proposing.
> --kevan

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