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From Jack <>
Subject Re: Fixing usability/accessibility issues in Admin Console
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2008 03:41:02 GMT
I like all the good ideas here to improve Admin console's usability. Since
Geronimo is often perceived as a lightweight server, we should always keep
usability in mind, especially when we add new functions.

Ivan, maybe you can start a new thread, and give us more details on your

- Jack

2008/8/13 xu haihong <>

>      Currently, the admin console is developed by many excellent guys, so
> everyone has their own strategy about how to displaying messages, and it is
> hard to say which one is better.
> The question is that in one application (admin console), we should have a
> uniform way about how to show messages on the page and how to propagate the
> messages from the server side to client side.
>      For the admin console is not a new project, we can not change too much
> to the existing codes.
>      On the client side, thanks to Dojo, with it we could easily validate
> the inputs by adding some constraint attributes to the elements. For better
> usability, we could extend the dijit.form.Form to implement more functions,
> such as mark those error labels with red color.
>      On the server side, like those popular web frameworks do, we may add
> some methods to the BasePortlet class, e.g. public void
> addErrorMessage(String message, String detailedMessage ,String
> targetElementId);
>      If the idea is feasible, I would like give more detailed
> implementation later. Thanks!
> 2008/8/12 Donald Woods <>
> Can someone give me Confluence admin karma?
>> -Donald
>> Kevan Miller wrote:
>>> On Jul 30, 2008, at 2:50 AM, Jack wrote:
>>>  Before this post sinks, would someone help to put the accessibility
>>>> guidelines somewhere in our doc? Maybe in the coding standard? If I can get
>>>> the write access (I've signed ICLA), I can do that if no one objects...
>>> I doubt there will be any objections. Could a Confluence geronimo-admin
>>> or confluence-admin (not sure which you need to be) give Jack access to the
>>> wiki?
>>> --kevan
> --
> Haihong Xu ( Ivan )

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