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From Jack <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] enhance the assemble server portlet usability
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2008 03:29:30 GMT
Thanks Lin for bringing this up! This is a very valuable improvement to make
the custom server assembly feature truly usable.

I really like the idea of grouping functions and describing them in a
language that is understandable to users. I think we can organize them in a
hierachy, similar to the way how we select features to install during a
desktop application installation. Grabbed a random snapshot here:

As to the proposed list, I would suggest the following changes/additions
* Break down Web further into JSP+Servlet and JSF
* Change OpenJPA to JPA. I guess user does not have to care about whether
it's OpenJPA or whatever else.
* Add JTA, JavaMail. Suppose Security is by default included...

Last but not least, if a user uses the custom server assembly function in a
customized server (say, without JPA), will we allow the user to select JPA?

- Jack

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