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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: System requirements Geronimo and Geronimo Eclipse Plugin
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2008 15:46:23 GMT
Donald Woods wrote:
> Not sure that we need another page or link off of GMOxSITE for this.
> Runtime requirements for Server and GEP should be listed either in their 
> respective Release Notes or on the release download page, so they get 
> updated and maintained as part of the existing release process.

I agree.  We already include a link to the release notes on the download 
page.  That way they can view the information prior to download as well 
as look at the release-notes for an image they have already downloaded.

> Details on build requirements should go in the GMOxDEV wiki and not in 
> the general release notes or user docs.

Right.  We also have a build page for Geronimo 
(  It 
seems that it is a bit out of date and it doesn't include all of the 
information listed below.  I think we should update this page rather 
than create a new one.

> -Donald
> Ashish Jain wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  I have added a system requirement page to wiki 

>> few comments are posted in 
>> as well. 
>> Probably we can collect all the requirements GEP/G has and add into 
>> this page. Right now there are following categories avaliable
>> Operating System
>> JDK Version/Vendors
>> Database Vendors/Versions
>> Memory Requirements for running and building Geronimo
>>    Memory
>>    Maven
>>    Subversion
>> Requirements for running and building Geronimo Eclipse Plugin
>>   Memory
>>   Maven
>>   Subversion
>> I would suggest to placed this page on 
>> somewhere in the community section of navigation.
>> [ Show ยป <> ]
>> Ashish Jain 
>> <> 
>> - 25/Aug/08 07:29 AM Added a page 

>> Do we have details on the system requirements of Geronimo and Geronimo 
>> Eclipse Plugin. I will start a new thread on this, this will probably 
>> help collect all the information. I would suggest to place this page 
>> on somewhere in the community section of 
>> navigation.
>> Thanks
>> Ashish

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