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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Geronimo 2.1 & 2.2 documentation
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2008 12:55:31 GMT
In another thread it was announced that we have created a new 
documentation space for Geronimo 2.2 from a clone of the Geronimo 2.1 
space on Wednesday, 08/20/08.  This means that changes in either space 
that affects both releases must be mirrored in the corresponding space. 
  I'm posting the information again here because  it isn't very visible 
in the other thread.

Here are the details:
To get things moving I went ahead and did an export of the current 
Geronimo 2.1 space (GMOxDOC21) and restored it as Geronimo 2.2 
(GMOxDOC22).  I only changed the space name and the initial title so 
there are tons of references to Geronimo 2.1 in this new space still.
Here's a link to the new space:

Now that we have 2 spaces we will need to mirror appropriate updates in 
the 2.1 space into the 2.2 space.  Please help us keep the doc 
consistent where appropriate.  Also, feel free to update the new space 
with specifics for Geronimo 2.2 now that we have it.

As far as maintaining the 2 docs, I think we all should take the 
following approach:
- Treat the 2.2 documentation as the "primary" documentation.  In other 
words, update this first if there are changes to be made.
- Mirror updates from the 2.2 doc back to the 2.1 doc.

That way, if there is any discrepancy we will know that the 2.2 doc is 
"more correct" and the things just might not have been mirrored back to 
2.1 (or perhaps changed in 2.2).

The clone was done at this time primarily to facilitate those that 
wanted to begin documenting Geronimo 2.2 enhancements and those looking 
to update the structure of our doc. I agree that the dual maintenance is 
a pain but it's something that we must live with for now.


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