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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] write access to GMOxSITE
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2008 14:06:10 GMT
And we also need to consider this for the Powered by Geronimo page that 
we keep talking about adding in GMOxSITE and allowing others to help 

I don't have a strong opinion either way. Having a CLA on file would be 
enough for me to let someone have access to GMOxSITE, but I'm not sure 
what the ASF stance is on project web sites....


Joe Bohn wrote:
> I suspect that we want to limit write access to GMOxSITE to Geronimo 
> committers only .... but thought it should be officially discussed and 
> clarified, hence this note:
> Back when we discussed write access to our wiki [1] we were focused just 
> on the wiki itself.  However, in some subsequent discussions GMOxSITE 
> was mentioned as well.  We now have a request for write access to 
> GMOxSITE by a Geronimo contributor with a CLA on file.  I believe that 
> the unspoken intention was that access to GMOxSITE should be only 
> granted to Geronimo committers.   Is that correct?  This request is 
> coming from the discussion on adding some Accessibility guidelines [2].
> I think it would be ok to add the guidelines to the wiki and point to 
> them from our site.  I also think it would be ok to include them 
> directly in the site if added by a committer.  Would it be necessary to 
>   add the contribution to a JIRA (with rights granted to Apache) for the 
> latter?
> [1] 

> [2] 

> Joe

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