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From "xu haihong" <>
Subject Re: Fixing usability/accessibility issues in Admin Console
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2008 08:36:15 GMT
     Currently, the admin console is developed by many excellent guys, so
everyone has their own strategy about how to displaying messages, and it is
hard to say which one is better.
The question is that in one application (admin console), we should have a
uniform way about how to show messages on the page and how to propagate the
messages from the server side to client side.
     For the admin console is not a new project, we can not change too much
to the existing codes.
     On the client side, thanks to Dojo, with it we could easily validate
the inputs by adding some constraint attributes to the elements. For better
usability, we could extend the dijit.form.Form to implement more functions,
such as mark those error labels with red color.
     On the server side, like those popular web frameworks do, we may add
some methods to the BasePortlet class, e.g. public void
addErrorMessage(String message, String detailedMessage ,String
     If the idea is feasible, I would like give more detailed implementation
later. Thanks!

2008/8/12 Donald Woods <>

> Can someone give me Confluence admin karma?
> -Donald
> Kevan Miller wrote:
>> On Jul 30, 2008, at 2:50 AM, Jack wrote:
>>  Before this post sinks, would someone help to put the accessibility
>>> guidelines somewhere in our doc? Maybe in the coding standard? If I can get
>>> the write access (I've signed ICLA), I can do that if no one objects...
>> I doubt there will be any objections. Could a Confluence geronimo-admin or
>> confluence-admin (not sure which you need to be) give Jack access to the
>> wiki?
>> --kevan

Haihong Xu ( Ivan )

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