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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Axis2: Using CXF tooling instead of Sun tooling to generate WSDL
Date Sun, 17 Aug 2008 02:37:45 GMT


I hope you realize that generating wsdl from JSR181 stuff is a small part of a 
full JAX-WS compliant tooling story.   If you look at the two tools:

wsgen (java2ws in CXF): this tool requires generation of not just WSDL and 
Schema, but also various JAX-WS beans such as fault beans, wrapper beans, 
etc...  This has also become slightly more complicated in JAX-WS 2.1 due to 
the requirement to support a subset of the JAXB annotations on the SEI as 
well, but not too major.

wsimport (wsdl2java in CXF): 
Obviously, this needs to output JAX-WS compliant code (mostly the JSR181 
annotations and JAXB).   However, it also has to support all the jax-ws and 
jaxb customization binding files.

Anyway, as Jarek pointed out, the CXF tools are completely JAX-WS compliant 
and DO pass the TCK.  They are named differently than the RI tools (serious, 
what's up with wsimport/wsgen?   wsdl2java/java2ws seems to make more sense 
to me), but they do meet all the requirements. 


On Thursday 14 August 2008 7:04:54 pm Deepal Jayasinghe wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Do we have a feel about how stable is the CXF wsdl generation code,
> > besides tck?   I remember way back we decided we could not use Axis2's
> > wsdl generation code as it didn't support annotation.   Should we also
> > look into where Axis2's wsdl generation code is now and assess if we
> > should use Axis2's or CXF's?
> Axis2 does support for WSDL generation with annotation (JSR181). We
> added that a long time back.
> Thank you!
> Deepal

Daniel Kulp

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