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From "Jacek Laskowski" <>
Subject Help needed for o.a.g.deployment.plugin.local.AbstractDeployCommand.doDeploy
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2008 08:24:24 GMT

I've been looking into how deployment works in Geronimo and I think I
found a potential bug. In doDeploy at line 126:

  TargetModuleIDImpl moduleID = new TargetModuleIDImpl(target,
parentName, childIDs);
  if(isWebApp(kernel, parentName)) {

there's a check to mark a module as a webapp. The check is performed
with isWebApp, which is a query to the kernel whether the webapp is
available as GBean (it's already deployed, isn't it?):

    public static boolean isWebApp(Kernel kernel, String configName) {
        Map filter = new HashMap();
        filter.put("j2eeType", "WebModule");
        filter.put("name", configName);
        Set set = kernel.listGBeans(new AbstractNameQuery(null, filter));
        return set.size() > 0;

I think it won't work. It's not yet available (=deployed?) as a gbean
as it's being deployed at the time the check is being performed. Am I
correct in my thinking? Should it be removed/fixed somehow? Any
guidance appreciated.


Jacek Laskowski
Notatnik Projektanta Java EE -

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