Will we need to update something in response to these changes?

david jencks

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From: Greg Wilkins <gregw@mortbay.com>
Date: July 11, 2008 1:43:37 AM PDT
To: cometd-dev <cometd-dev@googlegroups.com>,  cometd-users@googlegroups.com, jetty-dev <dev@jetty.codehaus.org>,  jetty-user <user@jetty.codehaus.org>, "dojo dev." <dojo-contributors@dojotoolkit.org>, dev@webtide.com
Subject: [jetty-dev] Alert: changing dojo / cometd  maven IDs and packages
Reply-To: dev@jetty.codehaus.org


Due to my recent work in adding maven repositories to dojo and cometd,
it has become apparent that some of the existing and recently assigned
names for maven group IDs, artifact IDs and java package names were
not very consistent, had problems with duplicated names and resulted
in poorly named artefacts.

So this is a small advanced warning that I will soon check in (to dojo,
cometd and Jetty) some renames.

The group/artifact IDs that are:

OLD                              NEW
org.dojotoolkit/project          org.dojotoolkit/dojo-project
org.dojotoolkit/dojo             org.dojotoolkit/dojo
org.dojotoolkit.java/dojo        org.dojotoolkit/dojo-war

org.cometd/project               org.cometd/cometd-project
org.cometd.java/project          org.cometd.java/cometd-java-project
org.cometd.java/api              org.cometd.java/cometd-api
org.cometd.dojox/examples        org.cometd.dojox/cometd-examples

org.mortbay.jetty/cometd         org.mortbay.jetty/cometd-project
org.mortbay.jetty/cometd-bayeux  org.mortbay.jetty/cometd-jetty
org.mortbay.jetty/cometd-demo    org.mortbay.jetty/cometd-demo
org.mortbay.jetty/bayeux-client  org.mortbay.jetty/cometd-client

The java package name dojox.cometd has been renamed to org.cometd,
so dojox.cometd.Bayeux api is now org.cometd.Bayeux

The resulting jar names are improved by this change, so that the
jars needed to run cometd-jetty are now called:

cometd-api-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar  cometd-jetty-6.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

Sorry for the inconvenience of this refactor, but now is the time
to do this, before any artefacts have been published to the central

I will attempt to update as many consumers of these artefacts as I
have commit permission for.


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