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Wow Sainath, that is really a good idea !! The current schema files that we have in the JAXB model are primarily there for reference and convenience. I think your idea of shipping the schema files in a separate plugin is a much better solution and we could then just eliminate those in the JAXB model to prevent duplicates. Thanks much

Alright let's do that then.

Please create a new plug-in with schemas files along with required extensions to XMLCatalogContributions, and attach the patch to GERONIMODEVTOOLS-412. I will review and commit it. I will later delete the existing schema files in plugins\org.apache.geronimo.jee.v21.jaxbmodel

What should we name the new plug-in as? "org.apache.geronimo.v21.schemas" ?

Sainath Chowdary wrote:

I think the source page in our Geronimo Deployment Plan Editors is a bare bones Text Editor. Instead we should support *Syntax Highlighting *and *Content-Assist *which helps the developer immensely and also gives a cleanly formatted view of the content in deployment plan editors.

We need to use *StructuredTextEditor* instead of *TextEditor* which we are currently using to implement all these new features without any hicks by reusing the code from *Eclipse*. Also we need to add our schema files to the *XML catalog* in eclipse for the content-assist to work properly.

For providing content-assist we have two options, creating a new plugin with the schema files and shipping it with GEP *or* Using the schema files that we already have in our JAXB model (i.e org.apache.geronimo.jee.v21.JAXB),

We just need to use the extension provided by eclipse to add files into catalog. Also there are some new schema files introduced in Geronimo-2.2 (jetty, jetty-config, tomcat, tomcat-config), We need to add those files into JAXB model and use the extension point *XMLCatalogContributions *to provide content-assist in source page of Geronimo Deployment Editors.

But the problem is that we at present don't ship the schema files with our JAXB model plugin. So we need to export the schema files also which will increase the size of GEP by 50KB roughly.

So can anyone suggest which way to proceed for the schema files i.e use the schema files already present in JAXB by exporting them with it or ship another plugin with the schema files (which is better option instead of merging functionality)

I have already created a JIRA for this issue and attached a patch that adds syntax highlighting feature.


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