Hi All!
I would like to work on the Download and Install in GEP. Currently I do not find it intuitive and seems confusing. There are some issues with it which are as follows

1) Before Selecting "Download and Install" we need to mention a directory else the Download and Install Button will not be enabled. In this case we need to manually create a directory.
2) Download and Install always installs the latest version of 2.x.x branch. Currently by default 2.1.2 is downloaded. In case we want to download 2.1 or 2.1.1 that does not seems to be working.
3) Sizes of the various modules being installed are manually set currently. Probably we can automate it. There is a JIRA also open for it GERONIMODEVTOOLS-403.

Regarding this we can modify the Download and Install menu as follows
 Enable the button without entering the "Installation Directory". Once "Download and Install" is selected it should pop up another menu showing the different servers available for a particular version. Suppose We select Apache geronimo Server V2.1 it should enlist 2.1, 2.1.1, 2.1.2(identifying 2.1.2 as an unstable release since it is yet not released). Also in the same window we can have specify the installation directory path to install the server. If the directory is not present GEP will automatically create the directory. Select Ok to start installation.

If there are no concerns, I would like to go ahead and implement the above features, and attach patches. Please suggest.