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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Re: Liferay as a Geronimo Plugin
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2008 04:58:28 GMT
On 14/07/2008, at 5:17 PM, Peter Petersson wrote:

> Gianny Damour wrote:
>> Hello Peter,
>> This is great news for Liferay developers!
>> IMHO, one of the pain points with Liferay development is the time  
>> it takes to build, pack and deploy a WAR to Liferay. Even if  
>> Liferay is not so bad on this front when compared with other  
>> portals, a typical build-deploy-test cycle is way too time  
>> consuming and hence seriously impacts productivity. It would be  
>> fantastic to have an in-place WAR development mode in Geronimo.  
>> What do you think?
> I guess you are referring to working with/in the liferay ext  
> development environment (?). I know to little of Liferay internals  
> (and Geronimo for that mater) to be sure exactly what you are  
> looking for, but I am sure the Liferay team is working hard on  
> making there development environment easier and faster to work  
> with. Maybe you can elaborate a bit more on what you are thinking of.

My understanding is that each time that you make a change, you need  
to build a WAR; drop it in the deployment folder of Liferay; Liferay  
scans and transforms the WAR (looking for portlets, themes et  
cetera); it then hands it over to Geronimo for deployment. These  
deployment steps are time consuming, especially during development.

What I had in mind is a Geronimo plugin allowing the in-place  
deployment of WARs to Liferay:
1. I define a specific WAR project structure;
2. I set-up my IDE to work against this well-known WAR project  
3. I implement my portlets and my IDE compiles the sources to the  
right folder of the WAR project structure;
4. I deploy to Geronimo my WAR project structure;
5. A custom ModuleBuilder identifies that this is a liferay WAR  
project structure; looks for the relevant Liferay components; and  
deploys it in-place.

> Personally I will look in to setting up a maven project for  
> building Liferay portlets and have them deployed to Geronimo in  
> some automated way instead of working with the ext environment,  
> maybe this is what you are looking for? I don't know yet how the  
> deployment could be done but I guess that I will making use of  
> Liferays hot-deploy mechanism and/or if possible find some way to  
> make use of Geronimo:s plugin concept. If possible I would  
> certainly prefer the plugin solution.

I believe that the Liferay hot-deployment mechanism is way too slow  
in development.

Does that make sense?


> Maybe the deployment could be done in a similar way of what we have  
> done with the roller-themes plugin in the geromimo-roller project ?
> see
> regards
>   peter petersson
>> Thanks,
>> Gianny
>> On 14/07/2008, at 4:11 AM, Peter Petersson wrote:
>>> I have posted a feature issue containing the build code over at  
>>> regards
>>>   peter petersson
>>> Peter Petersson wrote:
>>>> Hi
>>>> With the help of David J custom server assemblies document  
>>>> ( 
>>>> assemblies.html ) and my experience working with David on the  
>>>> roller plugin I have manage to put together a Liferay ( http:// 
>>>> ) plugin. For now the plugin is with liferay  
>>>> 5.0.1 rc1 on G 2.1.1 and consists of the following maven artifacts
>>>> * geronimo-jetty-liferay -- A minimalistic server assembly with  
>>>> the geronimo kernel the lifray jetty plugin and the geronimo  
>>>> console plugin.
>>>> * liferay-jetty -- The liferay jetty plugin built on the  
>>>> lesslibs liferay-portal war pulling in dependencys like lifray - 
>>>> kernel, -service and -portlet.
>>>> * geronimo-tomcat-liferay -- A minimalistic server as above but  
>>>> with the liferay tomcat plugin.
>>>> * liferay-tomcat -- The liferay tomcat plugin as liferay-jetty  
>>>> above but with tomcat.
>>>> * liferay-derby -- The liferay derby db backend plugin.
>>>> * lifray-portal -- The liferay portal war fetched from liferay  
>>>> and pulled in to a local maven repos.
>>>> * liferay-portal-lesslibs -- A overlay of the liferay portal war  
>>>> with filtered lib jars making use of some geronimo builtins  
>>>> instead.
>>>> The geronimo-tomcat-liferay server seems to work fine but the  
>>>> jetty equivalent has a issue in the login page. When I have  
>>>> ironed out the jetty issue, cleaned up the code, made some  
>>>> additional improvements and put together a simple readme with  
>>>> build instructions ;) I am thinking of wrapping it up and first  
>>>> of all contribute it to the liferay community ( as suggested by  
>>>> david in 
>>>> user&m=121304343919559&w=2 ) to see if they are interested in it
>>>> for there geronimo integration.
>>>> Anny suggestions, opinions, tips or help to pull this together  
>>>> in the best way possible are appreciated.
>>>> regards
>>>>  peter petersson

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