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From YunFeng Ma <>
Subject GEP should link deployment plan and deployment descriptor
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2008 03:22:25 GMT
Now the GEP provides rich funnctionalities to edit geronimo deployment plan, such as geronimo-web.xml,
but it doesn't link deployment plan and deployment descriptor. For example, adding a EJB reference
in the geronimo-web.xml Deployment editor only changes deployment plan,  it doesn't add a
ejb-ref to deployment descriptor web.xml, the developers have to add the ejb-ref to web.xml
There are other such kind of pairs:  openejb-jar.xml vs. ejb-jar.xml, geronio-application.xml
vs. application.xml, geronimo-ra.xml vs. ra.xml etc.  
Most importantly, the design of GEP has not provided a mechanism to support this feature.
I think we should consider this now rather than later when GEP becomes more complicated. What's
your thought?

-- Yun Feng

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