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From "Jarek Gawor" <>
Subject Re: For which server version(s) should we release samples?
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2008 02:59:16 GMT
Option #3. The 2.1 and 2.1.1 users should be upgrading to 2.1.2 anyway
and I think it's ok to say that samples will not install with 2.1 or
2.1.1. And also we don't have too many (if any) people asking for
these samples to run on 2.1 and 2.1.1.


On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 2:47 PM, Joe Bohn <> wrote:
> We've been going back and forth on samples now for some time.  There are
> multiple reasons why the samples are not yet released -- but one of them has
> to do with compatibility for the 2.1.x releases.
> Up until now I've been assuming that we would release samples for 2.1 for
> the sake of completeness and ensure that we can get those same samples
> working on 2.1.1 and 2.1.2+.  If it wasn't possible to get the same samples
> working on higher releases then I figured we would release 2.1.1 and 2.1.2+
> versions of the samples.  Now, I'm starting to wonder if it is worth the
> effort to release samples for anything other than 2.1.2.
> Here are the facts:
> - We can add artifact-alias entries to get 2.1 samples working on a 2.1.2
> server or even a 2.2 server.
> - A fix was required for the alias processing which was not included in
> 2.1.1.  Therefore, if we release samples for 2.1 we will not be able to run
> them on 2.1.1 - but we could run them on 2.1.2 (when released). That seems
> like a strange scenario - 2.1 ok, 2.1.2 no, 2.1.2 ok.  If we release 2.1.1
> samples in addition to 2.1 then which of those do we point users to leverage
> on 2.1.2?  IMO it would be clearer to say we support 2.1.2+.
> - Is there a strong need for samples on older releases or are they primarily
> of value on the latest release?  As Lin pointed out to me, users looking at
> samples will most likely be working with our latest release.  If we release
> samples for 2.1/2.1.1 will anybody actually use them (assuming we release
> 2.1.2 and follow that up quickly with the samples for 2.1.2)?
> So these are the obvious choices:
> 1) Release samples for 2.1.  Release another version of samples for 2.1.1.
>  Then either release samples for 2.1.2 or include alias entries in the 2.1.2
> server so that the 2.1/2.1.1 samples will work on 2.1.2.
> OR
> 2) Release samples for 2.1.  Skip 2.1.1.  Add artifact aliases to support
> the 2.1 samples on 2.1.2 and document that we don't support samples on
> 2.1.1.
> OR
> 3) Release samples for 2.1.2 and then address any future 2.1.x releases with
> artifact aliases.  Point users that want to leverage samples to do so on
> 2.1.2+ and document that we don't support samples on 2.1 or 2.1.1.
> There are a few potential issues with option #3:
> - The ldap sample requires directory server to be installed on G or the use
> of an external LDAP server.  The recommended approach for the installed
> directory server is to install the Directory plugin.  However, this plugin
> is currently only released for a G 2.1 server.  We would need to either
> release a new version of the Directory plugin or do the compatibility trick
> with aliases again for 2.1.2.
> - The 2.1 & 2.1.1 welcome page references to the jsp, servlet, and
> ldap-sample examples will never work.  Actually, they won't work even if we
> release 2.1 & 2.1.1 samples unless we want to change the groupid/module
> names of these samples back to the original names prior to a release of them
> (which I doubt we would want to do).
> Any other issues, recommendations, or thoughts?
> Joe

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