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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: Multiple schema version support in GEP
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2008 20:09:59 GMT
Maybe it's time to copy trunk over to branches/2.1 and finish any 2.1.2 
work items there....  Why are we slowing down GEP enhancements, when we 
could be using trunk for 2.2.0 and a branch for 2.1.x releases, like we 
do for the server?


Ted Kirby wrote:
> Depending on the timing, Tim's suggestion of starting now in the
> sandbox was a good one.  Tim, maybe you can help Sainath get started
> there?
> Ted
> On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 2:59 PM, Tim McConnell <> wrote:
>> Hi Sainath, that would be wonderful if you're going to have the time. When
>> are you returning to college ??
>> Sainath Chowdary wrote:
>>> Thanks Ted and Tim for your feedback. I agree with both of you that we
>>> cannot attempt this in trunk as next release is ahead of us in few weeks.
>>> I would be happy to work on the proposed architecture for GEP once I get
>>> back to my college. Also by that time I guess 2.1.2 would have been
>>> released.
>>> On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 6:49 AM, Tim McConnell <
>>> <>> wrote:
>>>    Hi Sainath, I agree with Ted as well. Your ideas seem sound but I
>>>    don't think we should attempt this in GEP trunk, which will soon be
>>>    released in conjunction with the 2.1.2 Geronimo server. As an
>>>    alternative, could you possibly work on this in the devtools sandbox ??
>>>    Sainath Chowdary wrote:
>>>        I think that current architecture of GEP is too rigid in a way
>>>        which produces very redundant code if we extend it for future
>>>        versions of Geronimo. Also it is not compliant with multiple
>>>        version of schemas.The UI elements are also somewhat implemented
>>>        in a hacky way where v20 UI depends on v21 UI which should be
>>>        the opposite. We need to introduce proper hierarchy levels
>>>        according to schema/server versions in GEP MVC at this level
>>>        before GEP becomes overly complicated.
>>>        For this I propose we change the architecture of our JAXB model
>>>        to provide support for multiple versions of schemas. With the
>>>        help of slight customizations we can easily make JAXB model
>>>        tailored for our purpose. The main task would be to create a
>>>        common pool of classes between the versions and initializing the
>>>        JAXB context properly. Assuming we support both v2.0 and v2.1
>>>        which respectively have geronimo-web-2.0.xsd &
>>>        geronimo-web-2.0.1.xsd, we will create a Interface that will be
>>>        implemented by both WebAppTypes so that in commn UI section we
>>>        can directly cast to the interface and in version specific UI we
>>>        can cast it to the particular version we are working in.
>>>        After that we may need to refactor the code in ui plugins to
>>>        utilize the new hierarchy levels and extra functionality added.
>>>        Current architecture will easily achieve its bottleneck if the
>>>        schema changes frequently. I find it this is the ideal time to
>>>        reorganize the whole of GEP.
>>>        Any comments?
>>>        --        Thanks,
>>>        Sainath Chowdary
>>>        B.Tech III yr, Spring Semester
>>>        Electronics & Communication Engg
>>>        Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
>>>    --    Thanks,
>>>    Tim McConnell
>>> --
>>> Thanks,
>>> Sainath Chowdary
>>> B.Tech III yr, Spring Semester
>>> Electronics & Communication Engg
>>> Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
>> --
>> Thanks,
>> Tim McConnell

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