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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: recent console changes in trunk
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2008 18:00:39 GMT
Thanks, I modified our copy of pluto.css in trunk to comment out the 
label definition, until we either merge everything into our main.css or 
decide just to use this hack as-is.....


Jack wrote:
> I searched the keyword "label" in all JSP files in an older revision 
> which is before all the accessibility patches came in, and found no 
> occurrences of label element. So I assume it's probably safe to remove 
> the label style in pluto.css. Anyway it's safer if we can use main.css 
> to override pluto.css. I can check this out later on.
> 2008/7/15 Joe Bohn < <>>:
>     YunFeng Ma wrote:
>         I tested the console in FireFox 2.x and IE 6.x after removing
>         label tag in pluto.css and didn't see any problem. I prefer to
>         remove it before G v2.1.2 is out of the door.
>     I agree we want this fixed before we ship 2.1.2. <http://2.1.2.>
>      However, I'm not sure modifying pluto.css is the best way to go.
>      All of our style sheet changes for the console have typically been
>     restricted to main.css.  I think pluto.css is pretty much a direct
>     copy from pluto.  It might be easier to maintain if we continue to
>     keep our changes limited to main.css.  Can you try fixing this by
>     adding a new label entry in main.css without float:left?
>     Joe

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