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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Another samples issue ... how much does a user have to build?
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2008 17:35:11 GMT

In the past we had asserted that a user should be able to pick up an 
individual sample and build it.  Because of a recent change in the 
samples this is no longer possible (at least not until we release some 
artifacts that can be downloaded without building locally - see details 
on the issue below).

I personally think it is acceptable to provide some general directions 
on building samples that require a user (at least the first time) to 
checkout the entire samples svn tree and build from the top level.  It 
takes about 5 minutes to build all of the samples.  Following that 
initial build a user could choose to build just one sample at a time. We 
can also provide some more complicated directions for users that have 
some issue with building all of the samples.  If I don't hear any strong 
objections (along with solutions to the current issue that requires a 
top level build) then I will go ahead and change the doc accordingly.

Specifics on why this is an issue:
- We had to add in the building of a tomcat utility (Txt2Html included 
in buildutil).  This is used to generate html from java source and jsp 
files.  The html is then included with the jsp & servlet samples and can 
be displayed when running the samples (we might want to consider this 
for some of our other samples as well).  The utility is run via ant and 
so we are using the maven-antrun-plugin.   When the configuration for 
the execution of the utility was included in the specific sample it 
worked great for just that one sample but produced errors when 
attempting to build from a higher level.  This is apparently because of 
the way the the maven plugin is resolved and loaded.  To get the build 
working from the top level we had to move the dependency of the 
antrun-plugin on buildutil up under pluginmanagement.  However, this has 
the effect of now requiring buildutil to be available for all samples 
even if it is not used (since most samples use the antrun-plugin for 
other purposes).  There is a maven issue that describes our problem (and 
indicates that it is fixed in maven 2.1.* but not 2.0.*) - MNG-1323 

In addition to the issue above, there are other general build steps 
required which will benefit from a common build process rather than 
including them in each sample description.  For example, we need to make 
the svn repository artifacts for the specific server release available 
in the user's local maven repo. I'd rather not have to include those 
steps in each sample but rather point to a common build.


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