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From Tim McConnell <>
Subject Re: Download and Install in Geronimo Eclipse Plugin
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2008 15:09:52 GMT
Hi Ashish, good ideas -- thanks for looking into these....

Ashish Jain wrote:
> Hi All!
> I would like to work on the Download and Install in GEP. Currently I
> do not find it intuitive and seems confusing. There are some issues
> with it which are as follows
> 1) Before Selecting "Download and Install" we need to mention a
> directory else the Download and Install Button will not be enabled. In
> this case we need to manually create a directory.
> 2) Download and Install always installs the latest version of 2.x.x
> branch. Currently by default 2.1.2 is downloaded. In case we want to
> download 2.1 or 2.1.1 that does not seems to be working.
> 3) Sizes of the various modules being installed are manually set
> currently. Probably we can automate it. There is a JIRA also open for
> Regarding this we can modify the Download and Install menu as follows
>  Enable the button without entering the "Installation Directory". Once
> "Download and Install" is selected it should pop up another menu
> showing the different servers available for a particular version.
> Suppose We select Apache geronimo Server V2.1 it should enlist 2.1,
> 2.1.1, 2.1.2(identifying 2.1.2 as an unstable release since it is yet
> not released). Also in the same window we can have specify the
> installation directory path to install the server. If the directory is
> not present GEP will automatically create the directory. Select Ok to
> start installation.
> If there are no concerns, I would like to go ahead and implement the
> above features, and attach patches. Please suggest.
> Thanks
> Ashish

Tim McConnell

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