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From Tim McConnell <>
Subject Re: Removing specific sample references on the Welcome Page?
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2008 23:34:36 GMT
Hi Joe, if I put my end-user hat on and I click on any sample/example link on the 
Geronimo server's welcome page I would expect it to work out of the box, or I'm 
not going to be overly impressed. So if I continue this train of thought, it 
seems like any examples on this page should actually be packaged-with, 
shipped-with, tested-with, and released-with, the server. That way they would 
have to always work, or otherwise the server couldn't be released. An explicit 
install action for these examples probably is probably okay but to depend on an 
artifact that must have been released to an external repository at another time 
isn't okay, since again as an end-user I expect it to work out of the box, and as 
you've just demonstrated they may not (for various reasons). So, why not mitigate 
these problems and if the need to be installed, just install them from say an 
"examples" subdirectory that is again packaged with the server ?? No need for an 
internet connection, no dependency on an external repo, etc...

I know your probably don't want/need another alternative to your other devlist 
thread, but maybe just for the sake of this email I demarcate between examples 
and samples. Where "examples" ship with and are packaged with the server, and can 
be executed directly from the "Welcome page". It may be true that this class of 
examples are so-called simple examples. But so what, they'll always work because 
they have to, there would be no need for a separate release process for them, 
they could grow them over time, and we could always be confident of the end-user 
impression they'll convey...... And where "samples" are pretty much an arduous 
subset of the samples we have today with all their incumbent problems you've 
grown to love, and where we might only provide links from the "Welcome Page" to a 
Geronimo URL which would then require an internet connect, a separate release 
process, an external repo, etc....

Joe Bohn wrote:
> The Geronimo welcome page (http://localhost:8080/) has long included 
> links under a header of Geronimo Examples.
> Under this header are the following 3 links:
> - Servlet Examples
> - JSP Examples
> - LDAP Demo
> - Additional Samples
> I'd like to remove the first 3 links and rename the last link to simply 
> "Samples" for trunk and branches/2.1 (prior to the 2.1.2 release).  The 
> last link takes you to a page  on our wiki that lists doc links for the 
> samples per release ... I think that is more appropriate.
> The first 3 links present another html page from the local server that 
> contains text similar to this:
> This sample has not been installed yet. If this server can connect to 
> the internet, click here to install and connect to the sample 
> application. It will take a few minutes to download and install the 
> sample and then load it.
> Those 3 links present some problems (and currently don't work for 2.1 or 
> 2.1.1 that have already been released).
> - Clicking the install link attempts to connect to a repository and 
> initiate a install of the specified sample.
> - The repository is not always as desired.  For me it defaults to my 
> local maven2 repo.
> - The current component IDs are incorrect.  That's easy enough to change 
> but I suspect there would still be issues (see the next points).
> - Even if it linked to the correct repo for the release, there would 
> still be a period of time after a server release when the samples are 
> not yet available in the repository.
> - The LDAP demo requires some additional setup now because we no longer 
> include Directory in the initial server image ... hence this gives a 
> false impression that simply clicking on the link will make the example 
> functional.
> Given these problem and the fact that is has been broken for several 
> releases. I'd like to remove the specific server example links from the 
> welcome page before we ship 2.1.2.  Any objections?
> Joe

Tim McConnell

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