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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Geronimo 2.1.2 plans
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2008 20:18:46 GMT

Given that there were no objections to my offer to be release manager 
for 2.1.2 - I'll go ahead and assume the role :-).

There have been a number of JIRAs identified as required and others as 
optional.  In addition to this there were already several already tagged 
with a "fix version" of 2.1.2.  I added all of these latter ones to the 
optional category.  At the moment I think things are current in the wiki:

Several of the JIRAs that have been identified do not yet have an owner. 
  We may need to discuss how critical these truly are for a 2.1.2 release.

In addition to the JIRAs there have been several other items mentioned 
for 2.1.2:
- Javamail?  Currently there is an optional item to release and include 
a new version of javamail.  Given the recent fixes I think it perhaps 
should be required.  Are you working on a release Rick and if so, what 
is the ETA?  I can pitch in to get a release out if you don't have the 
- CDDL xsds? David mentioned the possibility of using the cddl xsds 
rather than our xsds to generate xmlbeans classes. I'm not familiar with 
how much work is necessary here or if it is feasible in the short 
time-frame that we are considering for a 2.1.2 release.  Any more feedback?
- Accessibility? There has been some discussion and work on 
accessibility improvements for the console.  At this point in time, I 
think it makes sense to integrate some items before we lock things down. 
  However, I don't think we should make this a requirement for the 
release and we'll need to stop the updates early enough so that we can 
validate there is no breakage before we create a release candidate (see 
proposed dates below).  Comments?

Is there anything else that we're missing?

I'd like to get a release candidate available within a few weeks if 
possible.  Perhaps 7/21 is a good target locking down the content (code 
freeze).  If we release javamail we might need a little more time than 
that.  Does that sound reasonable to all?  That would give us a shot at 
getting a release candidate available by 7/24 or so and if all goes 
perfectly a certified release and out the door by 7/31.


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