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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: tomcat6 and wadi-clustering configuration classloader clashes
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 14:39:06 GMT
Gianny Damour wrote:
> Hello,
> I am back from holiday; A quick scan of the mailing lists tells me that 
> the upgrade to WADI 2.0 is causing classloader clashes.
> As identified by Jason W. and Kevan, a Tribes class is loaded by two 
> distinct classloaders (tomcat6 and wadi-clustering configuration 
> classloaders), which causes CCE upon message delivery. After having 
> investigated this problem, it seems to me that the best way to fix it is 
> to split the tomcat6 dependencies into two configurations: tomcat6 and 
> tomcat6-tribes. tomcat6-tribes imports the tomcat6 configuration and the 
> tribes dependency. The new tomcat6 configuration is the current tomcat6 
> configuration minus the tribes dependency. Such a change will break all 
> the configurations defining Tribes clustering GBeans. Users having such 
> configurations will have to redeploy them after having added the 
> tromcat6-tribes configuration.
> I tried a backward compatible approach where the tribes dependency was 
> pushed up to a parent configuration. Unfortunately, this change can only 
> work if WADI dependencies are also imported by this new configuration, 
> which is a less ideal approach than the above one.
> If no one objects, I intend to check-in this change over the week-end.

I don't have any objection to these changes for trunk.  However, this 
does present some challenges for branches/2.1 given that the WADI 2.0 
upgrade is also in that branch and users might be hoping for a nearly 
seamless migration from 2.1.1 to the upcoming 2.1.2.  Do we have any 
idea how many users have configurations defining Tribes clustering 
GBeans?  I suspect it's a very small number and users could deal with 
the change.  We'd have to document this fairly well in the Release 
Notes.  I guess the only other alternative for branches/2.1 would be to 
move back to one of the WADI milestone releases if we don't want to 
force the migration changes in the 2.1.2 maintenance release.  I'm 
pretty sure that the new config and doc are the way to go for 
branches/2.1 as well as trunk but just thought I'd mention the migration 
issue in case there are dissenting opinions.

> Thanks,
> Gianny

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