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From Tim McConnell <>
Subject Re: Better editor support in source page of Geronimo Deployment Plan Editors
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2008 03:02:52 GMT
Wow Sainath, that is really a good idea !! The current schema files that we have 
in the JAXB model are primarily there for reference and convenience. I think your 
idea of shipping the schema files in a separate plugin is a much better solution 
and we could then just eliminate those in the JAXB model to prevent duplicates. 
Thanks much

Sainath Chowdary wrote:
> Hi,
> I think the source page in our Geronimo Deployment Plan Editors is a 
> bare bones Text Editor. Instead we should support *Syntax Highlighting 
> *and *Content-Assist *which helps the developer immensely and also gives 
> a cleanly formatted view of the content in deployment plan editors.
> We need to use *StructuredTextEditor* instead of *TextEditor* which we 
> are currently using to implement all these new features without any 
> hicks by reusing the code from *Eclipse*. Also we need to add our schema 
> files to the *XML catalog* in eclipse for the content-assist to work 
> properly.
> For providing content-assist we have two options, creating a new plugin 
> with the schema files and shipping it with GEP *or* Using the schema 
> files that we already have in our JAXB model (i.e 
> org.apache.geronimo.jee.v21.JAXB),
> We just need to use the extension provided by eclipse to add files into 
> catalog. Also there are some new schema files introduced in Geronimo-2.2 
> (jetty, jetty-config, tomcat, tomcat-config), We need to add those files 
> into JAXB model and use the extension point *XMLCatalogContributions *to 
> provide content-assist in source page of Geronimo Deployment Editors.
> But the problem is that we at present don't ship the schema files with 
> our JAXB model plugin. So we need to export the schema files also which 
> will increase the size of GEP by 50KB roughly.
> So can anyone suggest which way to proceed for the schema files i.e use 
> the schema files already present in JAXB by exporting them with it or 
> ship another plugin with the schema files (which is better option 
> instead of merging functionality)
> I have already created a JIRA for this issue and attached a patch that 
> adds syntax highlighting feature.
> Regards,
> -- 
> Sainath Chowdary
> B.Tech III yr, Spring Semester
> Electronics & Communication Engg
> Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Tim McConnell

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