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From "Manu George" <>
Subject Restart of configurations not picking up any changes made
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2008 11:12:14 GMT
       I just found a behaviour in geronimo that I am not certain is
there by design. If I edit one of the gbean attributes of an already
started gbean in a configuration and I then restart that configuration
from the console then the edited properties are not reflected in the
restarted gbean. On editing the properties are definitely persisted to
config.xml but then on restart they are not read. On seeing the
Configuration class I found this code in the constructor

            // Deserialize the GBeans in the configurationData
            Collection<GBeanData> gbeans =
            if (attributeStore != null) {
                gbeans = attributeStore.applyOverrides(id, gbeans,
            for (GBeanData gbeanData : gbeans) {
                this.gbeans.put(gbeanData.getAbstractName(), gbeanData);

In the doStart method there is only a debug statement saying that the
configuration has started. Shouldn't there be something in the doStart
method to apply overrides? Or am I missing something.


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