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From "Forrest" <>
Subject [Help!]G2.1.2 branch build failure saying "org.apache.geronimo.buildsupport:car-maven-plugin:maven-plugin:2.1.2" not found in any repository
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2008 15:40:11 GMT
After checked out 2.1.2 branch, want to build it from scratch, issue command: 
    mvn install -e
Then the build error saying org.apache.geronimo.buildsupport:car-maven-plugin:maven-plugin:2.1.2
could not found, ask me to download and install it manually. Why?

Maven version tried 2.0.9, 2.0.7, 2.0.5, all same problem. Please help! thanks!

Best regards, Forrest
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