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From "Erik B. Craig" <>
Subject Re: Upgrading to Dojo 1.1.1
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2008 15:42:26 GMT
My only thoughts on this are...

On Jun 6, 2008, at 11:04 AM, "Joseph Leong" <>  

> Hi everyone,
> I've been tossing the idea around in my head of taking the  
> initiative to upgrade the current items written in Dojo to 1.1.1, I  
> know we still have some Dojo 0.4.3, which isn't supported anymore,  
> in use and there has been vast improvements with their new Dijit  
> package for widgets among many other items.  Also, with some  
> recently reported JIRAs about accessibility compatibility being an  
> issue in these Dojo components we can make use of the a11y available  
> in it.  Overall, i also think we might also benefit a cleaner setup  
> from streamlining our versions  in terms of future development and  
> maintenance as well.
> Although I haven't looked in complete detail in each of the AG Dojo  
> pieces, i know that the 0.4.3 transition to 1.1.1 will take some  
> work because the widget system has been separated out to it's own  
> pieces (diji) and so simple work arounds will not do.  That is, this  
> will be a big block change rather than an incremental one.
> Does anyone have any thoughts - one way or the other on this  
> undertaking?
> Thanks!
> Joseph Leong

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