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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: Reducing the dojo footprint in Geronimo
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2008 20:34:50 GMT

On Jun 26, 2008, at 3:33 AM, Shrey Banga wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've been working on the EAR PlanCreator and I've observed that dojo  
> is shipped with all the demos, tests and experimental widgets in  
> place, causing the folder to be about 12.8 MB on the expanded server  
> (2.2-SNAPSHOT).
> Looking at the various folders, I think we can achieve significant  
> reduction in the dojo footprint and eventually of the server itself  
> by removing the following components:
> dojo/tests - 579 KB
> dijit/tests - 551 KB
> dijit/demos - 909 KB
> dojox - 6.82 MB
> From a geronimo user's perspective, the tests suite is not of much  
> use as they are meant to test the widgets provided by dojo itself  
> which can be tested by separately downloading the given release  
> instead of shipping it with the server. Similarly, the demos, which  
> are used to exhibit dojo's capabilities, can be run directly from  
> dojo's website or downloaded and run locally without the server.  
> Also, people trying to learn from the demos tend to use the css  
> provided for the purpose of the demo, which is not recommended.
> My rationale for removing the dojox is that these are marked as  
> experimental by the dojo community and although some components are  
> used often, keeping 6.8 MBs of code that is still experimental does  
> not make sense. It is better to trust the dojo community to shift  
> components from experimental to stable areas and then use them in  
> further releases.
> Removing the stated components frees up about 8.7 MBs of space on  
> the expanded server, which is huge for a javascript library. Since a  
> Geronimo user can still include these components into his/her webapp  
> we're not really stopping them from using these components, only  
> transferring the overhead of using the lesser used components onto  
> the user.

Sounds good to me, in principle. Would like to understand the purpose  
of the dojox library.

Recently, while unpacking a geronimo server archive, I was struck by  
the number of dojo files in the server. Just took a look at a Geronimo  
2.1.1 server image:

'find . | grep dojo | wc' shows 2655 dojo related files/directories

'find . | wc' shows 5735 total files/directories. 46% of our files are  
for dojo... That's crazy...


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