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From "Shrey Banga" <>
Subject Reducing the dojo footprint in Geronimo
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2008 07:33:30 GMT
Hi all,

I've been working on the EAR PlanCreator and I've observed that dojo is
shipped with all the demos, tests and experimental widgets in place, causing
the folder to be about 12.8 MB on the expanded server (2.2-SNAPSHOT).
Looking at the various folders, I think we can achieve significant reduction
in the dojo footprint and eventually of the server itself by removing the
following components:
dojo/tests - 579 KB
dijit/tests - 551 KB
dijit/demos - 909 KB
dojox - 6.82 MB

>From a geronimo user's perspective, the tests suite is not of much use as
they are meant to test the widgets provided by dojo itself which can be
tested by separately downloading the given release instead of shipping it
with the server. Similarly, the demos, which are used to exhibit dojo's
capabilities, can be run directly from dojo's website or downloaded and run
locally without the server. Also, people trying to learn from the demos tend
to use the css provided for the purpose of the demo, which is not
My rationale for removing the dojox is that these are marked as experimental
by the dojo community and although some components are used often, keeping
6.8 MBs of code that is still experimental does not make sense. It is better
to trust the dojo community to shift components from experimental to stable
areas and then use them in further releases.

Removing the stated components frees up about 8.7 MBs of space on the
expanded server, which is huge for a javascript library. Since a Geronimo
user can still include these components into his/her webapp we're not really
stopping them from using these components, only transferring the overhead of
using the lesser used components onto the user.
Shrey Banga
Bachelor of Technology, III year
Department of Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

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