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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Server Repository plugin for Geronimo 2.1.1
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2008 12:41:57 GMT

On Jun 8, 2008, at 10:54 PM, Joe Bohn wrote:

> Kevan Miller wrote:
>> On Jun 5, 2008, at 11:07 AM, Joe Bohn wrote:
>>> Start of thread to discuss any concerns/issues/questions with the  
>>> vote for the Server Repository plugin for Geronimo 2.1.1
>> I'm inclined to vote -1. Nothing to do with the plugin, per se. It  
>> looks fine. It's really a server issue...
>> Using a 2.1.2-SNAPSHOT server, the plugin is evaluated as  
>> "Installable". However, the plugin won't install because of a  
>> dependency on 2.1.1 artifacts. I think we need to demonstrate that  
>> we can handle this simple migration scenario, before releasing any  
>> more plugins.
>> --kevan
> I understand your concern but I don't buy the logic of a -1 vote on  
> the plugin.  So we should not release a plugin for 2.1.1 that works  
> fine on 2.1.1 because of a concern with the 2.1.2-SNAPSHOT server  
> which is not even yet released?  It seems to me like your issue  
> would really be with the 2.1.2 server when that eventually goes up  
> for vote.

Yep. I'm not being entirely logical, just drawing a line in the sand.  
I'd have the same opinion about a samples vote or a 2.1.2 server vote.

I'm not saying that it's the plugin's fault. My assumption is that we  
can fix the migration issue by using artifact aliases in 2.1.2.  
However, if we find that there's some change needed in the plugin,  
itself, we should be fixing the problem, now.


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