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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject sample applications
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2008 16:33:11 GMT
Hi All,
I'm looking back into the sample apps (samples and docs) and I think we are missing the point
of the samples.

We kinda had this discussion some time ago and I thought we were going to go in a different

The purpose of the sample applications was to demonstrate Geronimo support/implementation
of the different functionalities and features. To provide some sort of transition path from
any other app/platform to Geronimo. Start easy with the basic requirements, understanding
the Geronimo specific deployment plans, etc. and then gradually involve the different G specific

If we require all users to understand and be familiar with Geronimo plugins and maven so then
they can get their hands on a sample application for Geronimo; I think we are adding unnecessary
barriers for new users.

In the past, we provided the samples source and in most cases the binaries ready to install,
all along as part of the full sample documentation. Users were not required to use svn, plugins,
or maven if all they wanted to do was to get familiar with how to implement JAX-WS in Geronimo
for instance.

Plugins are a way to distribute these applications, a convenience to install the sample binaries
once the samples get released. Plugins should not be a requirement for sample applications,
it should be an option.

what do others think?


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