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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Server Repository plugin for Geronimo 2.1.1
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2008 15:30:03 GMT
Well ... this is certainly something to discuss ... perhaps a bit larger 
than this plugin in scope.

As way of background ... the motivation for the plugin was to close out 
a discussion (and JIRA) that was nearly a year old.  At the time (and in 
subsequent recent discussions) it decided that this simple plugin would 
provide one solution for users that wanted to share a common Geronimo 
installation image and have server specific instances each controlling 
it's own set of deployed applications.  See GERONIMO-2814
 > [] for details.  I 
think this plugin (and the wiki notes) provide a manageable but 
certainly not optimal solution for the desired configuration.

Considering a default split between repositories for system vs. server 
use by default (even if only a single Geronimo server is running from an 
installation) is a much broader issue and requires more consensus from 
the community.

Is it your opinion that we should not release this plugin and tackle 
this larger issue?

I'd be interested in hearing other opinions on this point.

It seems that this simple plugin is becoming a hot-bed for several large 
issues ... plugin version management, repository structure/management 
... what's next?  :-)


Donald Woods wrote:
> Well, looking at the wiki page explaining this in the vote, I really 
> don't like the 2 notes/warnings at the bottom of the page.
> It seems that what we really need to do, is in 2.2 make a new server 
> instance repo under /var/repository the default for any user deployed 
> apps/plugins and update the current portlet to install/view items into 
> the repo, to only allow view rights to ghome/repository and install/view 
> to var/repository.
> That way, we don't get apps deployed to multiple repos at the same time 
> as the default behavior, users don't have to add a second repo 
> themselves (which require write access to the ghome/repository 
> directory) and it may help simplify how things would behave when WADI 
> clustering is used.
> -Donald
> Joe Bohn wrote:
>> Start of thread to discuss any concerns/issues/questions with the vote 
>> for the Server Repository plugin for Geronimo 2.1.1
>> Joe

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