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From "B.J. Reed" <>
Subject Re: Extensible Administration Console
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2008 15:17:57 GMT
Joe Bohn wrote:
> B.J. Reed wrote:
>> I am trying to go through the wiki Extensible Administration Console 
>> page 
>> (

>> to make some updates and make sure all the steps still work for 2.1, 
>> but seem to have hit a known problem.
>> I have installed the 2.1 minimal version and am trying to install the 
>> admin console from the online plugin catalog.  When running the gsh 
>> deploy/list-plugins -r .... command, I get the following error:
>> Installation FAILED: Could not find 
>> org.apache.pluto/pluto-portal-driver/1.2.0-G601060/jar in any repo.
>> The wiki page has a note "There may be a dependency issue with 
>> Pluto..." so it looks like this is a known issue, but I didn't find 
>> anything in the list of JIRAs (I may have missed it).  Is there a 
>> workaround for this? or is someone looking into this problem?
> Hi B.J.,
> Thanks for doing this.
> I can see why this would be a problem but I did not find any open JIRA 
> for it either.  Can you create one?
> The problem is one that we have in other places as well.  We have 
> private versions of several components (pluto among them).  These are 
> only found in our svn repository and retrieved from there when we 
> perform a Geronimo build.  However, the artifacts are not in a public 
> repository to be downloaded if other components require them (such as 
> when we are attempting to resolve the transitive dependencies when 
> installing the console).
> I guess to fix this we will need to do something (not sure what) to 
> get the our private pluto jars bundled with the appropriate plugin so 
> that they could be installed in the server together.
> Joe
Thanks Joe, I have created JIRA GERONIMO-4097 to track this further.
-- B.J.

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