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From "Sainath Chowdary" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Web Service support in GEP
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2008 10:33:16 GMT

I am also very interested in improving GEP to support spec compliant web
services deployment.

Currently, the WTP Web Services Wizard packs a lot of jar files with every
web service deployed and this burdens project with a lot of generated files.

As Geronimo has inbuilt axis2 container running, all we need to do for
deploying a web service is place the WSDL file in WEB-INF if using it as a
Servlet or placing it in META-INF if using EJB Service endpoint, and
magically Geronimo creates all necessary stubs required for accessing the

So, if we are able to create WSDL file according to Java and WS-* standards,
I assume that we can have JAX-WS compliant web services deployed onto

As pointed by this link
I have successfully deployed the web service though most of the steps are
not necessary in the deployment process.

I have also prepared sample applications and How-To's for Building a POJO
web service and building JAX-WS stateless session EJB web services. I would
also like to have access to submit new documentation.

As in Geronimo all we need to do is create a WSDL file compliant to
standards, we can use jaxws-tools.bat from server installation directory. I
am also working on developing a new wizard which works on the lines of
Eclipse WTP Web Services Wizard for creating Geronimo web services without
depending on WTP.

Comments and feedback are welcome.


On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 7:53 AM, Davanum Srinivas <> wrote:

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> FYI, Axis2 does support JAXWS 2.1. thx.
> - -- dims
> Tim McConnell wrote:
> | Hi, One of the more obvious deficiencies in the current GEP is the lack
> | of support for the JAX-WS compliant Web Services. I hope that we can
> | rectify this in the next major release. Unfortunately, WTP does support
> | Axis2 but although Axis2 supports many of the WS-* standards, it does
> | not necessarily support the Java standards (e.g., JSR-224). So it seems
> | to me that we have these three considerations:
> |
> | 1. Determine if and when WTP will provide support for JAX-WS
> |
> | 2. If WTP will provide support for JAX-WS in the next release (i.e., WTP
> | 3.0) still assume some customization to support Geronimo (in the GEP)
> |
> | 3. If WTP will not provide support for JAX-WS in the next release (i.e.,
> | WTP 3.0) extend the existing Web Service wizards in WTP to support both
> | JAX-WS and Geronimo (in the GEP)
> |
> | Am I missing anything obvious ??
> |
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Sainath Chowdary
B.Tech III yr, Spring Semester
Electronics & Communication Engg
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

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