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From "Ted Kirby" <>
Subject Re: Websphere to Geronimo
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2008 13:45:05 GMT
>> I have an EAR file deployed using the WebSphere v6.0 runtime
>> and I would want it to run using Apache Geronimo. or wouldn't it be
>> possible?

There is a tool available to help going the other way, migrating from
Geronimo to WAS.  See
Jacek is right, you'd have to manually port the EAR to Geronimo, and
add the appropriate Geronimo-specific deployment plans.  GEP can help.
 After you port your EAR to Geronimo, you should be able to keep both
the WAS- and Geronimo-specific deployment plans in the EAR so that it
may be deployed on WAS or Geronimo.

Ted Kirby

> I don't think so. I'm sure it would not be an automatic process and
> would require some manual changes. OpenEJB which is the EJB container
> for Apache Geronimo doesn't understand websphere-specific deployment
> descriptors so if your application relies on them, it won't work in
> Geronimo (at least as far as EJBs are concerned). It's being worked
> out though. Other non-EJB-websphere-specific descriptors are not
> recognized by Geronimo either. It shouldn't be a problem to do the
> resource mapping again. Could you share more information on the
> structure of your application? What modules are there? What's their
> descriptors and such. Use the geronimo *user* mailing list.
> Jacek
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> Jacek Laskowski
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