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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Geronimo Server 2.1.2 Release
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2008 16:16:27 GMT

Not a whole lot of discussion, so far. I'm going to leave this open a  
while longer... Hoping we can see a few more opinions voiced.

To date, we have identified the following non-server related work items:

1) New JavaMail release to pick up the recent fixes -- I totally  
agree. Happy to see the cooperation between the Geronimo and James  
projects. Do we think we're at a reasonable point for a new JavaMail  
2) GEP 2.1.2 that supports Eclipse Ganymede -- I'd like to see this  
also. However, I don't think this is a GEP discussion and need not  
occur prior to our server release discussion.
3) TranQL Oracle RAC connector -- would be nice to see. Do we have an  
expectation on when this could be provided?
4) Release DayTrader 2.1 -- I'd like to see this, also. Anybody  
willing to work on making this happen? I don't think that this is a  
hard requirement for a 2.1.2 release.
5) Samples -- We're currently discussing a release of our samples. I'd  
certainly expect that our samples will work on 2.1.2 and expect that  
we'll test and verify this.

One additional fixes that I'd like to see:

GERONIMO-4131 Identifies an issue with our RA deployment. I think we  
should get this fixed.

There may be others. Will take a look at the Jira's.

Any Release Manager volunteers?


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