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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: Geronimo request for ASF hosted machines
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2008 13:28:00 GMT

On May 25, 2008, at 5:48 PM, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:

> On Sat, May 24, 2008 at 9:33 AM, Kevan Miller  
> <> wrote:
>> I assume building out a new data center is something we will need  
>> to do,
>> regardless? These machines would put us over the tipping point?
> No, not really - we're scheduled to get more power at OSU OSL in the
> late fall timeframe.  That said, I don't think it makes sense to delay
> it until then if we can, plus we've been discussing a smaller co-lo
> facility for build boxes off and on in the past.  So, I think we're
> willing to take this on.
>> I assume Ubuntu is the preferred Linux distribution for Infra? I  
>> don't have
>> any experience with it. I see that they choose KVM as their  
>> virtualization
>> technology. From a quick look, seems that Xen support is not too  
>> great. My
>> guess is that we can make Ubuntu/KVM work, but we should do some
>> investigating. I think G community members are more familiar with  
>> Suse, Red
>> Hat, and Xen.
> The infra team strongly prefers Ubuntu, so if it's possible for the G
> community members to investigate whether Ubuntu would satisfy their
> needs, then infrastructure can start doing the ground work for
> procuring the machines.  -- justin

A few weekends back, I installed Ubuntu and worked with it a bit. I  
didn't see any big issues. There'll be a bit of a change, from what  
some are used to, but nothing major, IMO.

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