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From Ceki Gulcu <>
Subject Re: [BUILD] trunk: Failed for Revision: 653204
Date Tue, 06 May 2008 15:09:58 GMT
Jason Dillon <jason@...> writes:

> Will SLF4J's Logger get vararg methods soon?  Please?

Hi Jason,

This is a different question than whether to declare loggers as
instance or static variables.

To answer your question, Joern Huxhorn has already submitted a patch
adding vargargs support. See

I'd like to mention two points.

1) slf4j already supports 1 and 2 arguments, meaning that the varagrs
support would only be helpful for 3 or more arguments.

2) varargs support implies requiring JDK 1.5 by SLF4J. I fear that the
vararg version of SLF4J may conflict with previous versions. For
example, if Geronimo exported an older version of SLF4J and an
application required the vararg version, then the application would bomb.

Of course, many of these incompatibility issues can be easily solved,
but for many developers who are sick of running into logging problems,
it is better if the problem were avoided in the first
place. Admittedly, this position is pretty conservative to the point of
uncool. Nevertheless, I think that on this one, it is better to be
safe than sorry.

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