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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r656788 - /geronimo/server/trunk/pom.xml
Date Thu, 15 May 2008 20:39:14 GMT
On May 16, 2008, at 2:40 AM, Donald Woods wrote:
> Disagree, as using properties makes it easier to read and maintain  
> the versions, especially when the TCK relies on the server pom for  
> versions and if you create samples or plugins that want to rely on  
> the same versions as the server....

I disagree that use of properties for versions makes the pom easier to  
read or maintain, in fact I believe the complete opposite of this.

For example, you added a ${groovyVersion} property, which was in use  
by 1 dependency.  So as one looks through the dependencyManagement  
list, runs across groovy-all-minimal... and what version is it?  Well,  
now they have to go back up to the top of the file to see what that  
property is set to.  So I guess if your idea of "easier to read" means  
doing more work, digging around more in an already out of control xml  
file, to find the information you are looking for...

And I've no idea what you mean regarding the TCK, samples or  
plugins... :-\


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