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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: ASF hosted machines - proposal
Date Tue, 20 May 2008 03:38:44 GMT

On May 19, 2008, at 10:32 PM, Joe Bohn wrote:

> I had posted this proposal on the PMC list when Kevan pointed out  
> that we should really seek PMC approval on the dev list for this item.
> Below is an updated version of the proposal.  It incorporates  
> Kevan's most recent comments.
> What is the best way to gain PMC approval on the dev list?  A vote  
> is the only thing I can think of ... any other suggestions?

Call a vote on it.

A few final suggestions...

> Rationale:
> The Apache Geronimo community has a need to support the execution  
> and sharing of results from Sun certification tests (cts) which are  
> necessary gain JavaEE5 certification compliance.  This information  
> is only available to those Geronimo committers that have signed the  
> Sun NDA and other Apache committers that have signed an NDA and  
> gained approval of the Apache Geronimo PMC.

This has allowed other projects to test new products/releases by  
running JavaEE 5 TCK tests using the Geronimo test infrastructure.

> In the past these resource intensive tests have been run on private  
> machines by individuals.  As more people become involved with Apache  
> Geronimo and related projects, it is becoming obvious that we need a  
> central system to run and share the results of these tests.  A  
> centralized testing environment allows the Geronimo community to  
> more fully participate in the TCK process. Some committers don't  
> have access to the hardware resources needed to run the Java EE TCK  
> tests in a timely manner. Although some ad-hoc sharing of private  
> machines has occurred, this is not ideal from a community  
> perspective. Community controlled systems allow us to equitably  
> share these resources.
> Request:
> To fulfill this requirement, the Apache Geronimo PMC is requesting  
> the ASF infrastructure team to provide and host machines that can be  
> used for this purpose.  Initially, we would like to request two (2)  
> machines that meet (as closely as possible) the specification  
> below.  However, we can see the need for 2 additional machines in  
> the not too distant future.
> Machine specs:
> - 8 core (two 3.0 GHz quad-core)
> - 16 GB memory
> - two 750GB 7200 - rpm SATA 3GB/s disks
> - DVD R/W (20x?)
> - rack mountable specification to work with ASF infra requirements
> - LOM or other features as necessary for ASF infra support
> - to be developer managed and maintained by the Apache Geronimo Team
>  - Apache Geronimo would assume all responsibility for:
>     - configuration
>     - backup/recovery
>     - secure access
>        - Strictly limited to those Apache Geronimo committers with  
> NDAs on file or additional Apache committers with NDAs and approved  
> by Geronimo PMC.
>  - full, admin access would be granted to ASF infra with reboot  
> directions
>  - At least 2 active Apache Geronimo committers (with NDA  
> authorization) would identified to manage the machines.
> - Running Linux with something like Xen for 4 VM images per  
> machine.  We may increase the number of VM images if it is feasible.
>  - We would require both ssh and VNC access to the VMs.
>  - It is not yet decided if we would use NAT to access the VMs or  
> public IP addresses.  Is there are recommendation from ASF Infra?
> - Automation will most likely be added to run builds, execute tests,  
> and produce reports.
> - Capability to manually run tests on demand would also be supported.

Admin Volunteers:
   - Joe Bohn (PMC)
   - Jay McHugh (PMC)
   - Jason Warner
   - Matt Hogstrom (PMC)
   - Kevan Miller (PMC)


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