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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: ASF hosted machines - proposal
Date Mon, 19 May 2008 23:26:33 GMT

By the way, I volunteer to help admin these beasts.

On May 19, 2008, at 2:36 PM, Joe Bohn wrote:

> Kevan Miller wrote:
>> Has anybody talked to Infra about virtualization environments,  
>> restrictions, guidance?
> I exchanged some emails with Justin Erenkrantz and asked about the  
> VM issue.  He mentioned that they had VMWare Workstation on one  
> machine. In general, I have the impression that they aren't as  
> concerned about the VM images/environment if we are controlling the  
> machines.  However, I suspect we'll get a better feel for that once  
> we submit a request and see their response.


>> Only 4 VM images? With an 8 core, I thought we'd try to allocate a  
>> VM per core...
> I thought about one per core but ended up with 2 just in case we  
> need it for other related activities.  This was also in line with  
> what Matt was recommending.  If we increase the # of VMs we would  
> also need to up the memory and possibly diskspace and that really  
> started to look excessive to me.  I was just trying to give a high  
> level description of our plans for the machines.  I don't think this  
> limits us to just 4 VMs.  Perhaps instead of requesting additional  
> machines later on we could add any additional resources to get more  
> VMs active on the first 2 machines.

OK. So, this number isn't laid in stone. We'll be tweaking to maximize  
our throughput and usage.

>> --kevan
>> On May 19, 2008, at 1:04 PM, Joe Bohn wrote:
>>> It appears that the discussion has died down on this topic.  Here  
>>> is the latest update with some minor changes based upon Donald's  
>>> questions.  I plan to send this on to the PMC in the next hour or  
>>> so ... so please speak up if you think of anything additional.
>>> Thank you,
>>> Joe
>>> Rationale:
>>> The Apache Geronimo community has a need to support the execution  
>>> and sharing of results from Sun certification tests (cts) which  
>>> are necessary
>>> gain JavaEE5 certification compliance.  This information is only  
>>> available to those Geronimo committers that have signed the Sun  
>>> NDA and other Apache committers that have signed the NDA and  
>>> gained approval of the Apache Geronimo PMC.  As such, this is  
>>> becoming a resource for not only the Apache Geronimo but also  
>>> other ASF projects.

Not sure what is meant by the last sentence.

>>> In the past these resource intensive tests have been run on  
>>> private machines by individuals.  As more people become involved  
>>> with Apache Geronimo and related projects, it is becoming obvious  
>>> that we need a central system to run and share the results of  
>>> these tests.

A centralized testing environment allows the Geronimo community to  
more fully participate in the TCK process. Some committers don't have  
access to the hardware resources needed to run the Java EE TCK tests  
in a timely manner. Although some ad-hoc sharing of private machines  
has occurred, this is not ideal from a community perspective.  
Community controlled systems allow us to equitably share these  


>>> Request:
>>> To fulfill this requirement, the Apache Geronimo PMC is requesting  
>>> the ASF infrastructure team to provide and host machines that can  
>>> be used for this purpose.  Initially, we would like to request two  
>>> (2) machines that meet (as closely as possible) the specification  
>>> below.  However, we can see the need for 2 additional machines in  
>>> the not too distant future.
>>> Machine specs:
>>> - 8 core (two 3.0 GHz quad-core)
>>> - 16 GB memory
>>> - two 750GB 7200 - rpm SATA 3GB/s disks
>>> - DVD R/W (20x?)
>>> - rack mountable specification to work with ASF infra requirements
>>> - LOM or other features as necessary for ASF infra support
>>> - to be developer managed and maintained by the Apache Geronimo Team
>>> - Apache Geronimo would assume all responsibility for:
>>>    - configuration
>>>    - backup/recovery
>>>    - secure access
>>>       - Strictly limited to those Apache Geronimo committers with  
>>> NDAs on file or additional Apache committers with NDAs and  
>>> approved by Geronimo PMC.
>>> - full, admin access would be granted to ASF infra with reboot  
>>> directions
>>> - At least 2 active Apache Geronimo committers (with NDA  
>>> authorization) would identified to manage the machines.
>>> - Running Linux with something like Xen for 4 VM images per machine
>>> - We would require both ssh and VNC access to the VMs.
>>> - It is not yet decided if we would use NAT to access the VMs or  
>>> public IP addresses.  Is there are recommendation from ASF Infra?
>>> - Automation will most likely be added to run builds, execute  
>>> tests, and produce reports.
>>> - Capability to manually run tests on demand would also be  
>>> supported.

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