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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Ready to release Geronimo 2.1 samples?
Date Mon, 12 May 2008 16:10:05 GMT
Joe Bohn wrote:
> Is there any reason not to release the current Geronimo 2.1 samples 
> (
> I'd be glad to work to get a release candidate created for this (I've 
> already done some prep to get things updated for the new release process).
> Once we get the 2.1 Samples released we can turn around and release the 
> 2.1.1 samples and then I think we'll finally be "up to date".
> I have some questions about how we might accomplish this via the new 
> process but I'll follow that up in another note.
> Joe

BTW, I know that there are cleanup things to be done (like removing 
references to snapshots, and ensuring license, notice files are correct, 
etc....).  I was more looking for input regarding the state of the 
samples.  Are some samples flat-out broken or is there some reason that 
a particular sample under branches/2.1 should not be released at all?


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