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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Release process questions
Date Mon, 12 May 2008 16:00:35 GMT

The new release process [1] generally assumes that we are releasing from 
  trunk and always bumps the version number up by one.

However, for things like samples we want to keep version numbers 
consistent with the Geronimo Server versions and as such we would need 
to release from branches.  So here are some questions:

#1 Can we follow the new release process from a branch 
(geronimo/samples/branches/2.1) rather than trunk?  I think this should 
work.  Anybody know of any issues?

#2 Releasing from branches/2.1 would result in the versions in the 
branch being updated to 2.2-SNAPSHOT and a tag/2.1 release (I think). 
However, we want the branch to live on as a 2.1.* branch ... so I assume 
that I could just manually update the versions to 2.1.1-SNAPSHOT from 
2.2-SNAPSHOT.  Likewise, I would rename the tag from tags/2.1 to 
tags/2.1.0.  Does anybody see a problem with this (see #3 for another 
idea)?  After the initial jump from the 2 digit version to the 3 digit 
version things should work normally for future releases.

#3 The previous question makes me wonder if we should be following 
consistent 2 or 3 digit version numbers for projects which should 
eliminate the need for the renames.  Should Geronimo 2.1 (and hence 
Geronimo Samples for 2.1) have been versioned 2.1.0 rather than 2.1.  It 
seems that is the version number we adopted for the server tag which is 
called tags/2.1.0.  It would make it possible to use the maven-release 
plugin for major versions as well as minor versions.  The branch would 
still be branches/2.1 but the version for the poms would be 
2.1.x-SNAPSHOT as we currently do for server branches/2.1.  Thoughts? 
If we adopted this strategy we would also want to revision server trunk 
from 2.2-SNAPSHOT to 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT.



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